JUST BE YOU!  is filled with fun, educational and entertaining songs!  All performed by our lovable puppet characters The Nirks! Special Thanks to all of our supporters and fans on Kickstarter for helping us complete this album!

Want your students to be able to sing along with the fully orchestrated songs?  Just DOWNLOAD the Instrumental versions of many of our kid's songs and have fun singing!

JUST BE YOU! Upbeat, fun, educational music that kids and families will love! “Just Be You!” is our 6th album of fun new songs for kids, and features our puppet characters "The Nirks" from our Popular Youtube videos. We are so excited to share our new songs with you! We think you will really enjoy these 10 new songs (plus sing-a-long tracks!) that not only entertain but encourage learning, moving and having fun. In A World Music began a decade ago writing music for Halloween and Horror. Our Halloween albums have been licensed for film, television, and even for Halloween events like Knott’s Scary Farm. One Halloween, while we were putting on a neighborhood haunt and blasting our creepy music, a friend asked us, kind of jokingly, to create a children’s CD for Halloween because our music was a little too intense and scary for their little ones. We thought that was a great idea, and we released our first children’s CD, “My Halloween,” filled with catchy kid’s songs in 2008. We wanted to make it even more accessible to children, and so the Nirks (named after us, Nicole and Dirk!) were born. Being very low budget, we created puppets out of recycled materials and literally stuff we found in the garage for our first puppet video, “Trick-or-Treat, “ and it got an incredible response from fans on YouTube! We are so thankful for that support, and it encouraged us to create many more kid’s songs (not just for Halloween) and many other videos starring our Nirks characters. We love making children happy, and keeping families laughing as well as helping them learn and have fun. The New Album: The new album is entitled Just Be You! This Project is particularly special to us because we wrote songs inspired by our friends and family. Our featured Single, “I’m Me,” is for anyone who ever feels like it’s tough to just be yourself, especially when other people don’t understand, are mean to you, or even think you’re just plain weird! As self-proclaimed oddballs, we relate extremely well to this song! All of our Nirks are unique and quirky (like us) and celebrate being different, special and (especially!) weird. Our other songs are all about fun topics that we love, or something that is special to someone close to us. Here is a list of the new songs and what they are about. Tracks: 1. The Nirks – This is a brand new theme song for our puppet characters, the Nirks! 2. I’m Me – A song about just being yourself! This is the most personal track on the album, and it’s based on not only our experiences, but many of our friends as well (we love our weird friends!) 3. What Makes A Train Go? - This song is all about steam trains and how they work! It is dedicated to Nicole’s husband Jason – who loves trains, and is the most supportive husband in the universe! 4. Meet the Planets – This song was a request from Nicole’s father, who loves astronomy, space, and science, and instilled that love in his children. It’s a fun introduction to each of the plants in our solar system, and some of their unique traits. 5. I Wanna Be A Dancer – Nicole’s sister, who is a wonderful ballerina, inspired this song. It’s about the dream of growing up to be a dancer! 6. Let’s Make Some Shapes – When Nicole needed a little help with math, her father would stay up and tutor her at night, even after a full day of work. He always tried to make it fun, and this song about Geometry is all about how to make and understand various shapes. 7. Halloween – This is a song about Halloween, the Nirk’s FAVORITE holiday! It was written for Dirk’s family and girlfriend, who LOVE Halloween, and really go all out for it every year! 8. My Best Friend – Dirk wrote this song for HIS best friend! 9. Flying on A Plane – Remember your first plane ride? It was exciting and fun, right? Have you flown recently? Maybe not so much fun now… We LOVE traveling, seeing new places and trying new things, but judging by our last few flights, some people still can’t seem to figure how flying works. Maybe if we teach ‘em young and make it fun, it will go smoother and less stressful for us all! 10. Cleaning My Room – Make picking up your room fun! This one is about Dirk and Nicole - two of the messiest people ever to wander the earth. When filming, the house looks like a puppet massacre… PLUS - Another 10 tracks with instrumental versions of every song so you can sing along (kid’s karaoke!) or even make up your own words! We can’t Thank You enough for your continued support of our insanity. Our fans, and all the little kids out there singing our songs and watching our videos are what keep us going!


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