In addition to all of our albums that are available on I-TUNES, AMAZON, and CDBABY, we offer music licensing services as well; featuring our entire catalogue of music.  We have an extensive library – more than 500 cues -  of Cinematic music available. 

Are you a Music Supervisor looking for some new, fresh, high-quality music for placement? Need help with a music search?  No Problem – Just let us know what you are looking for and we can send you recommendations and placement ready tracks.  Want to just browse our entire catalogue of music?  Just E-mail us to request a copy of our library.  (Reserved for Music Supervisors and Film Companies ONLY.  Not for sale or distribution.)

In A World...



We compose music.  Our most popular genres are our Halloween and Children’s Music.  However, we have music for every genre you can think of.  We have been hired to compose anything from classical music to Hip-Hop Bollywood and everything in between. 

We also create music videos for entertainment and education.  We have some very popular Children’s Music Videos and our very own Children’s Web Series on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  Coming Soon – an all-new children’s educational Web Series called “Meet The Planets.” 


The Nirks are our puppets that sing and entertain with our all-original kid's music and stories.  We love making children happy, and keeping families laughing as well as helping them learn and have fun.

The Nirks (named after us, Nicole and Dirk!) were born when we needed a way to promote our kid's music and what better way than via YOUTUBE! Being very low budget, our very first puppets were created out of old junk we had in the garage.  We continue to build all of our own puppets using mostly recycled materials we find in the garage, at garage sales or thrift shops.  Our puppets may be made out of old rags, dusters and bits of old toys, but they are all made with love and come alive to entertain, educate and delight children and families.

A majority of the voices are done by Nicole, who, if you ask her family, could make you have an animated discussion with a stapler before you even knew what was happening.  Both Nicole and Dirk have a knack for voices and enjoy bringing new, quirky personalities to life with each new puppet.  

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s what some people are saying about Our Music:

 “It’s awesome. An engaging blend of music and sound effects, it’s evocative of a number of musical influences while retaining its own original style - at times genuinely haunting and creepy, at other times with a kick-ass beat!  I buy a lot of haunted house, Halloween and Sound FX CDs every year, and this is one of the best ones I heard this year, hands down. Highly recommended.”

-Chad Savage – The Sinister Circuit

 “Superior quality haunt soundtracks from fellow haunters. “

 -Terry Haunt

"These songs are educational and lots of fun. Great for kids and families!"


“Awesome Music and Sound Design for your Haunt!”

 -White Cliff Manor Haunt

“Tracks make the hair stand up on the back of my neck” (Hallows’ Eve Vol. II: The Horror)

-Victoria Wolfe – Ontario Haunter’s Club

“The wall of sound reaches full-blown orchestral levels that would not sound out of place in the concert hall or on the soundtrack to a motion picture.”

-Hollywood Gothique

“The music (My Halloween) was excellent, creepy yet geared towards children and fun! I felt that these tracks could be used for a haunt or for sing alongs.” 

-Ontario Haunter’s Club –


-Rue Morgue Magazine

"These songs are all really cute and fun! They will definitely be stuck in your head, and your kids will love singing them!"

-Creepy Music

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  • TheSirens(Greece)3:23
  • Ascending2:27
  • Chills.mp31:06


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​We are a very small, family (2 families actually) run business.  We epitomize the term “Small Business” but we like it that way.  This gives us the chance to give our customers what they want and need with a very personal touch.  We listen to our friends and fans and develop music based on their requests.  We always have the personal touch. We depend on YOU to help us keep creating great music!  So PLEASE help us get the word out so we can keep doing what we love by bringing you great, high quality music entertainment!  

Who we are

In A World Music began a decade ago writing music for Halloween and Horror. Our Halloween albums have been licensed for film, television, and even for Halloween events like Knott’s Scary Farm. One Halloween, while we were putting on a neighborhood haunt and blasting our creepy music, a friend asked us, kind of jokingly, to create a children’s CD for Halloween because our music was a little too intense and scary for their little ones. We thought that was a great idea, and we released our first children’s CD, “My Halloween,” filled with catchy kid’s songs in 2008. We wanted to make it even more accessible to children, and so the Nirks (named after us, Nicole and Dirk!) were born. Being very low budget, we created puppets out of recycled materials and literally stuff we found in the garage for our first puppet video, “Trick-or-Treat, “ and it got an incredible response from fans on YouTube! 

Creators of the Macabre.  In A World... has been creating soundtracks for film, television, commercials, Haunts and theme parks for over a decade.  Our Haunted Music is the creepiest around.  

Our Children's music is unmatched for quality and fun and is accompanied by some of the cutest puppet videos.  

We continue to produce dark and sinister music for the deranged, and family friendly music for the rest.  Why do we do both?  In A World... is schizophrenic.  Yin and Yang, Dark and Light.  We remain balanced in an unbalanced world.  

We strive to create ways to scare and delight to this day.  Enjoy the weirdness that is In A World...